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  • Your entire completed Patient Registration packet

  • This Patient Handbook with the last page completed

  • Insurance Card: For insurance questions please call 623-535-9777.

  • Any copay and/or deductible payment

  • Photo identification

  • Any MRIs, X-rays, CT scans and/or EMGs and the written report (must be less than 1 year old). If you

  • are following up from an emergency room visit, obtain your films and hand carry them or request

  • delivery of your films and imaging report to our office.

  • Current medication list and past medication (nonsteroidal and steroidal) that you have tried for pain.

  • Conservative treatment records including: pain management, chiropractic treatment, activity

  • modification, exercise programs and physical therapy. Bring documentation and/or name and

  • phone number of conservative treatment office, type of treatment, and length of treatment.

  • Outside Medical Records—please contact your physician’s office and request to pick up your medical

  • re- cords in person or have them fax your medical records, including imaging reports and any and all

  • conservative treatment and past medications that have tried for pain, to our office at 623-236-3179

  • or mail to 15547 N. Reems Road, Ste A, Surprise, AZ 85374. If you need our office to facilitate your

  • record’s request, please complete the Record Release form in this packet and include your outside

  • physician names, phone and fax numbers.


1. Please take all regular scheduled medication before your scheduled appointment and eat if you are not receiving sedation.

2. if you are receiving sedation, do not eat anything after midnight before your scheduled procedure. 

3. if you receive sedation, you will need a driver to and from the office. DRIVER MUST STAY AT THE OFFICE.

4. All patients will need to be discharged to an adult. We cannot start the procedure until we see this person in the office. 

5. All patients will need medical clearance to stop blood thinners. PLEASE LET THE STAFF KNOW IF YOU ARE ON BLOOD THINNERS (coumadin, warfarin, aspirin, xeralto, etc.)

6. you can take pain medication such as over the counter Tylenol or other medication prescribed by your physician before leaving home. 

7. Always shower or bathe prior to scheduled procedure especially the general areas of the body where you will be receiving your procedure. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for your scheduled appointment.

8. If you are taking ANTIBIOTICS OR HAVE ANY ACTIVE INFECTIONS, please notify our office.

9. if needed, please contact our office to cancel or reschedule your procedure 48 hours in advance. This will allow the opportunity for other patients to schedule a procedure as well.

10. Please contact our office to cancel your procedure and reschedule if you are ill or are recovering from any illness.

11. After your procedure you wil wait a minimum of 20 minutes in the recovery room; make your next appointment as you leave. 

12. Sometimes you may feel dizzy after the procedure, please ride home with car seat in the reclined position, this will help minimize dizziness.

13. Rest or do light duties for the rest of the day if possible, then you may resume regular activities the next day. if you have sedation, please be aware that you CANNOT drive for the rest of the day.

14. After your procedure you may be sore when the numbing wears off. Apply ice ever yrwo hours for 10 minute for the next 24 hours. On the second day, you can use heat. You can take Tylenol or your regular pain medications. 

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